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January 24, 2011

i’ve been taking longer, leisurely bike-rides lately and have been considering taking some bike camping trips…have also been looking into driving around mexico and guatemala, so it was only fitting that my research brought me to ian hibell. one of the world’s greatest adventure cyclists, hibell spent 40 years of his life riding across deserts, swamps, jungles, and multiple continents! he rode from cape horn to alaska, from norway to the cape of good hope, and thailand to russia. he biked through the sahara, the indonesian islands, and the andes!

on his ride up to alaska, he was the first to cross the darien gap by bicycle. between colombia and panama, it’s the only break of unpaved/unpaveable land in the pan-american highway that is a huge clusterfuck of swampy mess. check out the video below for an agonizing look at what he and his partners had to crawl through, first hacking out a trail for themselves and then returning for their bicycles!

unfortunately he met his untimely fate in 2008 when he was hit on his bike on the side of the road in greece. he was 74 years old. he leaves behind him a legacy of determination, trailblazing, craziness and totally badass-dom. thanks for the inspiration, ian! time to start training!!! and i’ll definitely be packing like this:

images via bikebrothers


hanky panky
vienna (before sunset)

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