dirt chronicles: part 6

March 10, 2011

richard long‘s work revolutionized the sculpture world in the 60s and 70s with one single radical idea- taking long walks in nature. rearranging stones, walking repeatedly over his paths, and trampling down grass, long exchanges with his surroundings in a poetically minimal way. utilizing lines and circles, he subtly integrates symbols of his presence into landscapes all over the world, from his native england to mongolia, the andes, india, the sahara, and canada. “the point of my work,” says long, “is my own physical engagement with the world in different ways, whether it’s walking, or making fingerprints, or throwing stones, or whatever.” it’s a simple concept, yet it maintains its freshness even 50 years later. his more recent mud paintings play with the materiality of the earth, sharing his outdoor experiences in the gallery space while still maintaining his mark-making process.

images via richardlong.org


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