March 5, 2011

playgrounds in the states are so predictable- kid and baby swingsets, monkey bars, a single plastic spiral slide and a tire swing, if you’re lucky. but those living in atlanta are lucky to play on something a bit different- the piedmont park playscape, designed by isamu noguchi, a japanese-american artist. built in 1976 with sponsorship from the high museum, it is the only one of noguchi’s playgrounds realized in america. a sculptor and designer, noguchi was enthralled by simple shapes and forms, exploring contours and angles throughout all of his work- furniture, architecture, public sculpture and gardens. although piedmont was the only playscape actually built in the states, he had made models and sketches for others, including a plaster model of a UN playscape that never received funding. but in sopporo, 400 acres of landfill were transformed into the vast and awe-inducing moerenuma park designed by noguchi and completed in 2005 after his death in 1988. among the several geometrically-influenced attractions in the park is the forest of cherry blossoms, another playscape that looks like the older brother of piedmont. it’s totally time to play!!

thanks to the playground designs blog for the inspiration, mary ann sullivan, pingmag & remiss63 for images!


RIP hejfina
buried treasure
istanbul street smarts
pizza party!!!!!

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  1. nick sung on March 30, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    whoa! atlanta, i had no idea. thank you so much for sharing this.

    it’s kind of lord of the flies, but have you been to the adventure playground at the berkeley marina? it’s the opposite of this, but still completely fascinating.


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