time travel tuesday w/brown paper bag!

March 15, 2011

sara’s blog, brown paper bag, is always a fun treat to explore, featuring contemporary artists and their colorful, often humorous works on paper. it’s a great source of inspiration for me, not to mention a one-stop shop for keeping up with a particular style of art that i find some exciting! her “time travel tuesday” posts are some of my favorites, featuring gems from art history, like bauhaus textile genius, gunta stölzl or vintage children’s books.

we decided to do a guest-blog swap for today’s time travel tuesday, and i wrote about abstract expressionist and highly influential teacher, hans hofmann, on brown paper bag, while sara covered swedish artist, hilma af klint! have fun getting lost in both of these artists’ colorful paintings! and make sure to check out brown paper bag for more awesome, colorful inspiration!
Hilma af Klint was a Swedish artist whose early life shaped her later body of work, paintings that were among the first to be considered abstract. The summer months of af Klint’s adolescent life were spent at the family cottage, idyllic in setting and she became in close contact with nature at an early age.

Religion was also an important aspect of af Klint’s life, only magnified once her younger sister died in 1880.  By this time, af Klint had already started her art studies, where she met fellow student Anna Cassel.  She and Cassel would later be two of the five women that formed the group The Five, a faction engaging in mystical thought in the form of messages from higher spirits (including attempts to make contact with the other side).

Af Klint work ran parallel to the other abstract work in development at the time- Mondrian and Kandinsky, and can also be looked at in a broader context, as modern art was trying to find its place at the start of 19th century. Af Klint actually made her living through life as a portrait and landscape painters, with her most important works largely undiscovered until the 1980’s.

All images via The Philosophy of Mystery.


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