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March 16, 2011

all of this insanely scary footage and coverage of the japanese earthquake & tsunami has us all on edge and praying for the people of japan! i couldn’t help but think of the amazingly rich history of the country and all of the inspiration i have gotten from their culture, people, traditions, art, music, theater, etcetcetc!!! japan has always been one of those countries that i have respected and learned so much from in my studies and research. from tea ceremony and ikebana, wood-block prints, ancient fishermen textiles and ceramics, to karaoke, mr. miyagi, fashion & graphic & industrial designers, the food, MUJI, mochi, cherry blossom trees, the lights in tokyo, cute faces on all kinds of inanimate objects…there’s just too much to love!

please consider donating to any number of relief efforts, like the red cross, save the children, or shelterbox, which provides emergency shelter and supplies. and to all of our japanese friends and family and all the victims of this tragedy, please be strong and remember that we love you!

here are some images from the nypl’s collection, asia and the eastern pacific rim in early prints and photographs. although i don’t really know the context of all of these images, they are nonetheless quite beautiful depictions of the turn-of-the-century daily japanese life.

“Street refreshment stalls”

Basket maker, shoemaker, cooper!


Winter costume, reading at home, geisha- dancing girl!



“Weaving silk, spinning silk, carrying fertilizer”

“Planting rice, gathering rice, hatcheling rice”

“Group on the street”

“Gathering shellfish”


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it was a massacre: part 2
daisy daisy!
L'amore in città

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