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April 5, 2011

a few weeks ago, nico, nick and i spent a saturday museum hopping in san francisco. i started at the museum of craft and folk art for the sister corita show; met the boys at moma for the shadowshop pop-up and a stroll through the museum; and together we headed to the yerba buena center for song dong’s Dad and Mom, Don’t Worry About Us, We Are All Well.

im always so electrified by sister corita‘s bold colors, words of peace & justice, and interest in the small details of world around her! plus, how can you not love a silk-screening nun!? this little documentary about her by aaron rose is a nostalgic peek into her life through the people that she influenced. the mocfa is a teeny tiny museum that always has exhibits that are an easy and quick escape from the hectic downtown/powell shopping crowds- always lots of color and fun workshops to go with the shows.

shadowshop, the pop-up exhibition curated by stephanie syjuco, was well-stocked with a ten-mile-long list of bay-area artists’ works and objects. there are always quite a few things that i really don’t enjoy at shows like this (what can i say, i’m picky!), but there were some stand-out pieces that i thought were quite wonderful: leah rosenberg‘s plates, lee walton’s tim lincecum rookie card, lee redmond’s wiggly eye dice, +++ plus all the profits went directly to the artists, which is always admirable. check it out before it closes on may 1st!

but out of the whole museum adventure, i was mainly excited to experience the song dong installation- the contents of his mother’s home was brought (house and all!) from its place in china and carefully arranged by category in the gallery. it blows your mind not only due to the amount of stuff, but how it all fit into the little house, how old everything is, the weight of the history of each of the pieces…empty toothpaste tubes, broken pots of dry dirt, electronics’ styrofoam packaging, slippers, furniture, tools….it reminded me so much of my mother and grandmother, who both hold objects so dearly (even plastic bags and old shoe laces) and who have also taught me to save all kinds of scraps, almost obsessively, to (maybe) be reused or repurposed in the future. whether or not you agree with placing that much value on things, this time-capsule of objects and their histories is nonetheless overwhelming, impressive and beautiful. GO SEE IT!!!!

shadowshop images via shadowshop, everything else courtesy my hardworking iphone :)

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