celebrate autism awareness month!

April 19, 2011

april is autism awareness month! according to the autism society, there are currently about 1.5 million americans living with autism, with 1 in every 110 children affected. autism is a spectrum neurological disorder, meaning there are various levels of disability all related to impaired social interaction and communication. although there is no single known cause to fight against (it can be genetic, environmental, etc.), we still can educate ourselves and others about the disease, continue to fight for the rights of those affected, and love and nuture those affected.

art and creative expression often plays an important, therapeutic role for those who have trouble expressing their emotions verbally. jill mullin’s book, drawing autism, celebrates these terrific, colorful visual expressions with an intro by the incredible animal science doctor living with autism, temple grandin. mainstream culture considers autistic people “disabled,” but there are so many incredible abilities that are often ignored. so let’s finish april with a celebration of remarkable brains that we may not understand, but can love dearly and learn endlessly from. who says what normal really is, anyways?!

and don’t forget to support creative growth and creativity explored, two incredible bay area organizations dedicated to the artistic expression of people with physical & developmental disabilites.

images from drawing autism via book by its cover and new scientist.


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