love the bow tie!

April 12, 2011

bow ties have come a long way since winston churchill and 16-year-old movie theater ushers– now they’ve made their way into the land of craft! after work on thursday, trina and went to a bow tie workshop at the museum of craft and folk art‘s monthly craft bar. sponsored by etsy and britex fabrics, the materials and instructions were provided to make-your-own neck adornment and people were clustered around the gallery with furrowed concentration brows, stitching small rectangles of printed fabric. we chose our prints and with help from our floor-neighbors, amy & taylor, managed to punk-rock-stitch our way to fun little bows! the next day we wore our new ties to work and got so many compliments– and orders!!! it’s so satisfying to make something, especially when that thing is as awesome as a bow tie!!! can’t wait to see trina’s baby bow ties for mr. augie. see more photos from mocfa’s flickr here!


munich summertime
feelin' ballsy

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  1. PocketSquareZ on April 13, 2011 at 9:52 am

    Wish I was there. Very nice. When will you have the same thing for pocket squares?

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