May 21, 2011

tyson emailed me a few weeks ago with some images of his new work, graphic canvases with a scientific feeling, almost like little diagrams of cells or some kind of encoded map. colored pods and chiclets of bright colors are aligned to create landscapes that could almost be from the background of some early video game or even some futuristic floating cityscape. tyson responds to his various environments, abstracting and rebuilding the landscapes with a terrific eye for color and shape. recent trips up and down the west coast, including portland, san francisco and some time in mexico city, have inspired many of these paintings, from the colors to the titles (“mt. tabor,” “international,” and “coastal”). the latest pieces incorporating even brighter neon pinks and oranges are really doin it for me right now- i wish i had a dress made out of each one!

visit his website for more  + find prints of his work on 20×200 & the mammoth collection.

Name: Tyson Anthony Roberts
Age: 28
Hometown: Visalia / Davis / Sacramento / Mexico City / Seattle

Where are you right now? How’d you get there? With my work I am at a place where I am sort of in a groove. I am currently focused on maintaining consistency with each painting while slowly trying new things here and there. I am also at a point where I am determined to nail down the color and spacial aspects of my painting work in an effort to distinguish my work as a new way to interpret landscapes.

Where are you going? I can foresee that my future work will be consistent with what I am doing now, but different in terms of medium. For example, I recently started experimenting with painting on paper utilizing gouache. So far it is has been fun learning the characteristics of gouache and trying to translate my painting style through this medium.

What will you be doing when you get there? I will probably be doing the same thing I am doing now, which is experimenting, thinking and adapting to visually communicate with viewers through my paintings.

What are you taking with you/leaving behind? I am taking with me my process, technique and music.  I am leaving behind a reluctance to try new mediums.

I always loved the phospholipid bilayer in biology- are there any particular phenomena or biological processes that you can’t stop thinking about? I have always been amazed by photosynthesis and the relationship between autotrophs and heterotrophs.

You’ve obviously traveled quite a bit up and down the West Coast- Seattle, Portland, San Francisco. Do you feel like your work has a specifically “western” vibe? This is a good question. I don’t have a straight answer to this because I am largely inspired by landscapes in general. As one could expect, the subject matter in my paintings are the landscapes that surround me wherever I may be. Most of my traveling has only occurred on the west coast, so I am aiming to be able to travel more, especially for art-related endeavors.

What were you up to Mexico City? What was your favorite thing to do there? What was the best meal you had? In D.F. I was exploring the local art scene, visiting galleries, traveling to museums and when I was not doing any of those things I was eating street tacos, drinking glass-bottled Coca-Cola and painting like a madman.

Do you have any specific sources of inspiration for the colors you’ve been working with? Not in particular. I play with colors all the time and when a color combination works it’s great and when it doesn’t it makes the painting hard to look at. I recently made a painting with a neon pink background…I almost went blind by the time I finished the painting, ha!

ARE YOU READY? Indeed I am.


day trippin' with dad
bay area now now now!

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