congrats grad!

May 25, 2011

just thought i’d take a minute to congratulate my partner, nico, on his graduation from the california college of the arts last week! it’s been quite busy the past few months for both of us, but i am so proud of all the work he has done over the past few years. his studies have taken him to new york and back, from painting to sculpture to video and installation to social practice, and i’m honored to still be a part of his creative process (if i don’t make too many bunk suggestions :) ) I LOVE YOU, babe and am so happy that we’ve come this far! here are some photos of his thesis show, a condensed version of his past years at cca. no party’s complete without karaoke! + a few from our bbq celebration!

ps only 6.7% of the world has a college degree! some wackos are suggesting that we stop going to college because it’s apparently not helping us find jobs in our shitty economy. but i say the best thing is stay in school, my friends! a job isn’t the only reason we educate ourselves and i hope that the next generations don’t think they can just forget about learning. and if school’s not your thing…just keep reading!!! high fives to all the students out there!

+ proud parents!!!


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