feelin’ ballsy

May 4, 2011

just searching around the brooklyn museum‘s collections tonight and found this ballsy little coat rack designed by charles eames! diving further into the collections, they have quite a few ball-adorned and round objects…how spherical!

Irving Harper (American, 20th century). “Ball” Wall Clock, 1948-1969.

Richard Neagle (American, born 1922). The Bamboozler (Child’s Clothes Tree), ca. 1953.

Donald Deskey (American, 1894-1989). Table Lamp, 1927-1931.

American. Cream Pitcher or Creamer, ca. 1898.

Pen Graves (Pomo, Native American). 10 Balls used for Killing Marsh Hens (ta-ma-whille), ca. 1906.
This set of 10 clay balls made from materials found and growing around Clear Lake was used by hunters in balsa boats for killing waterfowl. The birds would have been secured by throwing stones with a sling or snared. The basket is filled with shredded tule and the balls are laid out on this when stored in the canoe. While the balls are not fired in a kiln there is some plant matter mixed with the clay and they are sun baked.

Medium Sized Ball and Stand, 19th century.

Turkish. Spherical Hanging Ornament, 1575-1585.

Stephen Salmieri (American, born 1945). “Coney Island,” 1969.


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