i love you, mom!

May 7, 2011

not only is tomorrow mother’s day, but monday is also my mom’s birthday! it’s a whole weekend of mom love! i love the idea of dedicating one day to our moms & moms all over the world, showing our respect, appreciation, gratitude, and love for all their hard work! forget all the hallmark gift-giving bs, just give your mom a call and tell her how much you love her today…or every day! i asked my mom to send me some photos, so she sent these images of photos of me and my brother, my mom, and my grandmother from “the good old days…”

my mom lives in her childhood home in chicago, taking care of my 92-year old grandmother and running her own vintage shop on etsy (she’s hip!), la chanteuse, with some incredible designer vintage finds. she’s the reason why i’m an obsessive shopper, chatter, and collector. and i can’t forget my grandmother, who has instilled my deep sense of independence, power, frugality :) , and my love of cooking. thanks for everything mom & grandma, i love you guys!!! happy mother’s day, everyone!


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