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June 28, 2011

thursday was one of those random nights that, quite unpredictably, turned into a total blast. tatiana and i were hair models for the infamous nick arrojo and his crew, who you may recognize as the hair guru from tlc’s what not to wear (love it!). after a crowd of stylists oohed and ahhed and pawed our heads, with fresh razor-cut do’s, we headed w/debi to the di pietro todd salon on fillmore.

the whole dpt crew was there to celebrate brittany’s fabulous mixed media paintings in the salon. through lots of cutting, layering, and adding color, brittany elevated photos of a gorgeous girl and her gorgeous hair into the art world. her process even shares the same vocabulary as the salon! man, the dpt crew totally know how to party! so cool to see everyone with their dancing shoes on, chomping cupcakes and sipping champagne. congrats brittany!

(starving models!)

ps thanks to DEBI for taking some of these and for the ride home :)


holiday celebrate
HUGE things ahead!
nice handiwork
gay is good!

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