bojagi bash!

June 20, 2011

i got really obsessed with bojagi recently and was thrilled to read that the museum of craft and folk art was having an entire show of contemporary bojagi!  just to recap, bojagi is a traditional wrapping cloth from korea, originally made from scraps of old fabric pieced together to create a sort of quilt-like square. you would wrap all kinds of things in it, lunch, gifts, use it in ceremonies, etc.

the lovely ladies at the museum let me come for the members/press preview and i was able to explore the show, which includes artists from all around the world who have been influenced by the craft and tradition of bojagi. barbara shapiro made some beautiful indigo-dyed bojagi wrapped around hand-woven baskets; there’s a wall of older, traditional bojagi in bright colors; more quilt-like bojagi; tiny bojagi wrapped houses; and even one work made of fluorescent vinyl! the section of paler textiles, like sungsoon lee’s xxx-long piece, is somewhat of a relief and really exposes the intricacies of the handiwork without being distracted by the incredible colors that define many of the other works. although i do admit that it’s the colors that draw me in in the first place!

there were also some pretty fantastic korean snacks that i’ve never tried- dduk rice cakes, dduk bok-kee, and the sushi-like kimbap! (now i need to find this dduk factory, as i am quite a fan of asian pounded rice snack factories, as you might already know :) ). all-in-all it’s another great show for the mocfa. if you’re in the area, it’s worth stopping in to see the various interpretations of such a colorful (and sustainable!) tradition.


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