day trippin’ with dad

June 13, 2011

my dad was in town last weekend, his first visit to see me on the west coast since he moved me out to college in 2004! besides our daily meals and walks around the city with nico and my stepmom, debra, we were able to make a day trip up to bolinas and point reyes! my dad had visited bolinas in college in the late 60s and (like anyone would!) reminisced about his glory days hanging out with some music guy “involved with the stones.” it was a typical foggy, drizzly day, but we made it around the winding mt. tamalpais roads to bolinas (the locals take the sign down to keep it real local), collected rocks with holes on the beach, played with giant kelp, and scored some good books at the pay-what-you-want bookstore.

by the time we got to point reyes, the sun had burned through the fog and we stared out onto an endless shimmering ocean! the beach and cliffs way below continue north into mist, teeny tiny. the coast is flanked by fields and fields of grass and wildflowers swaying in the wind, cows grazing on old ranches. the lighthouse steps had just closed, so we enjoyed the view from the windiest spot in california (the record clocked wind speed was 138 mph!). we were lucky enough to have a nice breeze and few other visitors. and lots and lots of quiet.

all in all we saw a pelican, lots of deer, red trail hawks, vultures, cows, horses, gulls, cats, and some kind of blue bird (sorry, we’re not bird people!). next time we’ll come for the whales!


oh, the turbanity!
mochi man
it's gonna blow!

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  1. Deb on June 18, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    oh C’MON!!! Not a single pic of you with your Daddyo!? Awwwe.

  2. happy father’s day! | BIG THINGS on June 20, 2011 at 10:08 am

    [...] of their lives. we only get to see each other a few times a year, so it was a treat to have him in town visiting a few weeks ago. my dad is a professor of criminal justice in chicago and has all kinds of stories [...]

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