HUGE things at coup

June 5, 2011

the other night daniel invited us to a party at his work celebrating the opening of a shared adjacent showroom for holland & sherry, a luxury textile company and one of the oldest in the world! daniel works at coup d’etat, a showroom in the design district of sf specializing in interior decor- mainly outrageous vintage pieces, appropriated vintage that has been altered or transformed in some way, and other pieces of their own design. zoe, jake, nico and i had a grand time exploring the fabulous arrangements of over-the-top objet d’art that fill the space and snacking on the gorgeous platters of desserts and fancy cheeses.

i didn’t have my camera, but the iphone did a pretty good job! check out the coup d’etat collection on 1st dibs for much better photos of the pieces and descriptions of their origins and history!


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blondie on blondie
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