blast off!

July 7, 2011

when you’re a kid, space is the coolest freaking thing you can possibly imagine. wait a second-even NOW, space is the coolest thing i can imagine! throughout the years we’ve all dreamt about distant stars and planets: i decided early on i was from pluto; watched, re-watched, and memorized ET, rocket man, armageddon, & GATTACA; and desperately wanted to eat freeze dried ice cream at space camp!

so it’s kind of sad to hear about the last shuttle launch happening this friday, the end of an era of space travel that i have admired for my whole life. and although it probably costs billions of dollars and outrageous amounts of polluting jet fuel and energy to explore space (not to mention the ridiculous political implications….), i still don’t want to let go of those memories of astronauts flickering and floating around on tv, proving to all of us that anything is possible.

photos thanks to lee craven, pasalolaraj, bad astronomy, timothy mcclain, the nytimes, and NASA on the commons


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