drying rack attack

July 16, 2011

working with anonymous domestic materials- venetian blinds, drying racks, lightbulbs, & cans- korean artist, haegue yang, strips the cultural function and meaning from these simple household objects and presents them in a new context. her drying rack sculptures are carefully wrapped in fabric or yarn, draped with objects and lights, infusing personality and a lovability that the essential objects are usually bereft of. without altering their form or presence, she brings the shapes to life by abstracting them and our relationships to each other. so simple and clever! see more AMAZING drying racks here!

a show of her work is currently at modern art oxford and runs through september 4th.thanks to contemporary art daily for images & info.


whistle while you work
happy thanksgiving!
Time Travel Tuesday: Space-Age...
armonica harmonica

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  1. Jene' on July 17, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    these are so interesting! I want!

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