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August 11, 2011

if i had to choose a theme for our entire trip up to oregon, it would have to be “all grown up” (***commence shimmering sparkles and tears***). it was the first time nico and i had been back together since we met there five years ago…woah. FIVE YEARS! we were just KIDS when we lived there, eating lots of pizza, riding bikes around, making $7.50/hr. we still ate pizza and rode bikes, but the passing of time was made even more apparent by the development of what used to be such a sleepy town for us. condos have sprouted up everywhere, as have the food cart lots, bike parking spots and max transit lines. coffee shops have exploded exponentially and suddenly the awkward teenage portland of meth-heads and pirates and tall-bikes is a full-blown, super-hip foodie into minimalism and performance art! (not to say that the former characters don’t still exist…they definitely do!)

it was exciting to hang out and explore this new portland that we recognized but didn’t know. we stayed at caitlin’s place (she was kind enough to let us turn her apartment into our shantytown for the week) and went out for food, books at powell’s, coffee, bbqs, bikerides, movies, bowling, and a little shopping in the afternoons and evenings. WOW it was hot and it felt great to have real summer days and nights with our old friends!

some favorite scenes include:

safe portland parents with tricked out “baby on board” bike (with a real live baby on board!!!)

a field in SE full of grazing goats?!?

thanks to erin, i was honored to play last-minute-wedding-photographer for kelly & greg, a beautiful couple of strangers!

and a few classic portland moments at the coffee shop and in the new season’s market parking lot…subarus still rule the road! guess some things will never change :)


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  1. mom on August 11, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    Thursday 11 august 2011

    so glad that you and nico has a nice, pleasant, relaxing time in Portland… it’s nice to get away from it all.
    xoxo mom

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