dirt chronicles: part 8

August 23, 2011

even though sand isn’t dirt…this post still belongs in the dirt chronicles because you know what? sand is kind of like dirt. there are a lot of dedicated sand collectors out there and they deserve some love! sand from all over the world can be quite stunning in all the variety of shades, shapes, and textures, especially if they’re bottle up all pretty on your shelf. check out this amazing array of  sand collections from enthusiasts around the world! the sand-loving community has blossomed on the internet, so now you can even trade sand and see sand in extreme close up along with everyone else who really really likes sand. see WAY more collections here, read a cool article about sand here, and don’t forget about koichi kurita’s dirt collection!

and don’t miss this video with more impressive close-ups of sand!

these images via mouser nerdbot, kfury22, egg2cake, renate, & through the sandglass.


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  1. aarti on September 3, 2011 at 8:25 am

    Its amazing isn’t it…people find beauty in things we never thought of…Inspires me to write a poem…even though i’ve just started writing…do check out my blog…its pretty new :) (sheepish smile)….http://aarti-duggal.blogspot.com/

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