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August 11, 2011

we were completely in awe of all the hard work everyone is putting into their studios, projects, work, and lives–real adults! all grown up! portland is alive with creativity and we are lucky to have such talented friends that shared their lives and work with us.

caitlin, kyle, lewis & zoe have created a remarkable art space/gallery on a boat: 12128 boatspace. docked in industrial NW portland on the willamette river, the labrador has a fascinating history of navy and fishing service and is now in art service! i seriously couldn’t even comprehend the experience as it was happening. you know, regular people don’t get to be on huge fucking boats like this all the time! i was awed by the sheer size of everything- the ropes, the wrenches, the oil-smell of engine room! i didnt take nearly enough photos because i was just absolutely blown away by everything. they even built a woodshop below deck (please excuse my poor nautical terminology here) and caitlin has a summer garden growing on the stern/back porch.

we bbqed at sunset out on the boat one night and played dice until the wee hours, tugboats pushing by. we came back the next night for a performance by carlos gonzalez, which was packed with the cool, “in-the-know” art lovers. it’s so exciting to see the vibrancy of the art community extended far from the overwhelming first and last thursdays. nico is looking forward to having a show on the boat in the fall…

on the opposite side of town, CP and emily have transformed an old warehouse space into a cozy studio for their creative endeavors. i’ll only show you CP’s side of the studio for now, but stay tuned for a tour of the other side, which is home to emily’s jewelry line, BOET….

over in NE, the homie chris, a radical tattooer and self-taught draftsman, had a show of his crazy paintings and prints up at the fresh pot up on mississippi!


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  1. seaman | BIG THINGS on October 16, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    [...] the opening of nico‘s first solo show at 12128boatspace, our friends’ gallery/studio on a boat docked up in nw industrial portland. it was a quick trip, but it was really awesome to collide sf [...]

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