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September 14, 2011

ok first it was the glitter shoes……and now im onto another drag queen trend: BOAS!!!! i’m not sure exactly how im going to work this one out, but tasja & andi gave me a cropped, vintage baby blue feather vest as a gift last week and im super psyched to wear it! feathers have been used ad nauseum as earrings and hair extensions lately, but i saw them all over new york as skirts, stoles and vests.

the problem is, new feathers really really suck– think about where they come from! all those beautiful birds being plucked for their plumage….NOT COOL! i guess if you’re going to do it, vintage is the way to go…or maybe even a faux boa?! even if birds of the past have died (RIP), at least you’re not supporting the current animal-exploitation industry. here are some of my favorite old feathers, plus an instagram of my great grandmother’s feather fan that’s hanging in my room!

images via the library of congressdiet coke & sympathy, raredeadly, etc.


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