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September 18, 2011

i’ve been writing so much about my new york trip for metier and refinery29, that at this point i feel kind of numb to everything that happened and super overwhelmed with reflecting and photos and processing….so let’s just go through some HIGHLIGHTS, shall we?

- POPSICLES at smorgasburg with my best friend from chicago, julie, and my best friend from san francisco, tracy
- being served by my food guru & BFF, olivia, at the dutch! FOUR DESSERTS!
- seeing bill cunningham & ikram goldman at the zero + maria cornejo show (and being photographed by the sartorialist & ELLE japan!!!)
- showing up at the rag & bone show without an invite and being escorted in by the incredible justine!!!
- a solemn and eerily quiet 10 year anniversary of september 11th in manhattan, complete with light beam ghost towers in the night sky.
- the forecast was completely inaccurate, which proved to work in my favor aka NO RAIN and lots of awesome sweating.
- church in brooklyn releasing hoards of cub and girl scouts in uniform onto the street
- running into racine & mai on my first day at the tents at lincoln center- familiar faces!
- light poles covered in colorful zip ties all over the east village!
- the electric feathers presentation with music by lia ices!
- african drummers on the subway
- getting to wear my new martha davis orange suede loafers- YES!
- finally photographing jake at 3rd ward in bushwick!
- the towering buildings, the flocks of people, the shoes, the smells, the heat, the humidity, the subway rats, fucked up train schedules, the hasids, car service drivers, assholes at the airport, the PARK…..

FOOD WAS DELISH at mile end deli, ellabess, pumpernickel at bergen bagels, sandiwches at olive’s, lunch at lovely day, cookies at momofuku milk bar, PIZZAHHH at roberta’s, ramen at kambi, arepas at caracas

SHOPPING WAS FRUITFUL at kiosk, creatures of comfort, muji, topshop, steven alan, the new mary meyer studio in bushwick, and on the street

WRAP UP: overall, yet another fabulous, inspiring trip to new york city and brooklyn. i overpacked and overshopped and ended up with a stuffed suitcase. i only lost my water bottle. i got to see old friends and some beautiful new collections for spring/summer 2012. realized how excited i still get about clothes, dressing up, and admiring others’ style. it was action-packed, my feet still kind of hurt, and i haven’t unpacked. next time the only thing i have to do is DANCE!

much love to all my friends who i miss so dearly out there: ewa, julie, olivia, tracy & jake, and everyone else i didn’t even get to see! i’ll be back!


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