shuck it all

September 15, 2011

i was so happy to have my great friends tasja & andi in town for a few days from germany! they were doing a classic california roadtrip and started and finished here in the bay area. we were lucky enough to spend a lot of quality time together, including a getaway to the headlands and tomales bay for oysters at hog island with kevin. we all had some good lessons in shucking and paying $24 for bread and cheese (WTF!?!). a few years ago, kevin and i crashed at tasja’s house for weeks on end trying to decide whether to move to berlin, morocco, back to the states…’s been a while but we were all finally reunited! this time i think we all have a little bit more direction….not sure about that one though. ich liebe euch!!! can’t wait to go visit in germany!


Smørrebrød and Gorn the Old
homage to summer: martha&#...
brit birds
fall 2011 nyfw!

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