50¢ treat

October 13, 2011

i found this book at the thrift store for 50 cents and had to share it! patrick caulfield was a british painter and printmaker who famously depicted snippets of everyday domestic scenes in saturated color and a remarkably flat style. unlike his pop art contemporaries, lichtenstein, oldenburg and warhol, who were capitalizing on the objects and symbols of the zeitgeist, caulfield employed classic western motifs- the still life, views from a window- to explore the banality of anonymous objects and locations. working with solid lines, geometry, and a bit of a cubist influence, caulfield created these fun and slightly ironic nods to art history. i would love to have a print of the polka dot scarf one day!

images via kresge art museum, arielwood, and penguin new art 2 by christopher finch.


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