October 17, 2011

“60,000 communists gather together in new york to protest against unemployment and capitalism ” in 1934!

wanted to take this monday morning post to announce that BIG THINGS wholeheartedly supports the occupy movement and the incredible moments of solidarity shown this weekend around the globe! we  believe in social and economic equality, justice, and freedom for all americans and the rest of the world. if we don’t stand up to change the future for ourselves and our children, no one will! if that means standing out the in rain, camping out for weeks on end, getting arrested, well then that’s just what we’ll have to do.

THANK YOU to the thousands and thousands of people who PEACEFULLY protested this weekend in london, madrid, tokyo, sydney, paris, berlin, new york, san francisco, chicago, boston, atlanta, portland, seattle, los angeles, and especially all the smaller cities and towns (including this lady & her dogs in alaska!), against corporate greed, money in politics, unemployment, unfair tax laws, lack of public health care, cuts in the education, excessive war spending, etc etc etc….

to learn more about the occupy wall street movement, visit the ows main website, occupy together to find out about the movement in your neighborhood, read the general assembly’s “declaration of occupation”this washington post article about the history of leaderless movements, or watch this video with crappy music.

this is happening, folks. it happened in the past and it’s happening now! we can do it together! im proud to be able to say that i am part of a generation that gives a shit about the future!

“Million Man March” in 1963!

“Demonstrators gather in front of Capital building for the 1971 Vietnam War Out Now protest in Washinton D.C.”

“Martin Luther King Day demonstrators demand increased employment and housing” in 1975!

Madrid this weekend! 2011

Times Square this weekend! 2011

San Francisco this weekend! 2011

images via nytimes, nypl, calisphere, cryptome, etc.


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