ladies of the night

October 16, 2011

found a fantastic gem on netflix this weekend, fellini’s nights of cabiria. the 1957 film follows cabiria, a petite, snarky prostitute, on her adventures around rome with her hooker crew and abusive clientele. her searches for god, happiness, and most of all, true love, prove disappointing until she finally meets an eligible bachelor… starring a bevy of sideways-glancing bombshells, ssssexy outfits, some fabulous haircuts, and an incredible lead performance by fellini’s wife, giulietta masina, you’ll love this film for its humanity and for the style. plus who doesn’t want to see a bunch of italians yelling at each other for an hour and half? we all watch jersey shore marathons!


wasted youth
ich liebe l'aviva
my soul mate
scenes from ny: part 2

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