miramira proves sf fashion has a pulse

October 3, 2011

coming back from new york, i was super stoked about getting dressed, the new season, new clothes, new outfits. so when i got the invite for the mira mira fall fashion show i was ready for that kick again- the buzz of excitement for FASHION!!! it’s so refreshing to see the new shops popping up around the city and to meet the people trying to change sf’s dowdy reputation and forge a stronger fashion community. mira pickett has been an important part of this development, with events like her “ladies nights” and special events like this, she has done an awesome job of herding us fashion folks together to do what we do best- look good!!!

for the presentation of her new fall collections, we were sardined into pretty pretty collective, the narrow salon next door to mira mira, but at least we had cupcakes! local fashion bloggers worked it out on the runway in new looks from the shop, including blair from atlantic-pacific, jenny from going west, and laura from ontheracks. there was a lot of sexy sheerness and maxi skirt action, but of course i was into the quirkier choices: a minkpink white shaggy cardigan, insight floral jeans, and shakuhachi gold lamé trousers!

it’s always a pleasure to see local hotties ashleyjoanna (one of the event masters!), katie from refinery29 sf, cat from the feast, and of course the fabulous mira, who was running around with her big smile trying to get a chat in with all her friends and supporters. CONGRATULATIONS MIRA and thank you for throwing a fabulous party and giving us all the opportunity to get together! san francisco does look good, we just have to go for it!


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  1. Joanna Riedl on October 3, 2011 at 9:08 am

    What a blast! Thanks for coming!! XO

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