three nobel women

October 14, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS are due to  the three female activists who were awarded the prestigious nobel peace prize in oslo on friday! these women are part of a group of only 15 women who have ever been awarded the nobel peace prize, which was first given in 1901. the three shared the prize, “for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work.”

we’re also celebrating that today in 1964, martin luther king jr. was awarded the nobel peace prize!

and the award goes to……
Leymah Gbowee – liberian social-worker-turned-peace activist who organized a huge movement of women in white to end the liberian civil war in 2003. fighting non-violently against rape, the use of child soldiers, and for the involvement of women in the political system, the women used tactics like silent strikes and sex strikes to make their demands heard.
Tawakkul Karman – a journalist and activist from yemen fighting for women’s rights in the arab world. karman played an important role in reporting on the protests happening during this year’s arab spring and has been fighting for peace and justice for years with her organization women journalists without chains.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – africa’s first democratically elected female president and the president of liberia. elected with the help of Gbowee’s women’s movement, among her achievements were signing a freedom of information bill into law (the first in africa!), rebuilding and maintaining peace in the war-torn country, and securing women a stronger role in politics. she is 72 years old.
ps how cool is all their headgear?!?! amazing!


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