November 18, 2011

the dullDiamond and BIG THINGS are long lost sisters! they’re from the midwest, i’m from the midwest. i love color, they love color! they obsessively like to rearrange objects and take pictures of them…and I DO THE SAME!!! i kept running across their happy photos of brightly beaded bracelets and necklaces, posed with rocks and plants on a glowing white background and immediately fell in love! so i was over the moon when they posted the refinery29 article about me on their blog alongside other talented people and beautiful objects. i liked them, they liked me, there was only one thing left to do…work together! so i proposed a collaboration and the dD x BT collection was born!

these women have such a great outlook on life, you will love reading their BTA and shopping the special edition bracelets they made for the BIG THINGS SHOP! just want to thank them for their patience and cooperation on this! can’t wait to do more in the future….!!!

nico and i went out to the park at the port of oakland with lemonade and popcorn to shoot these photos- such a wonderful background for the electric colors of the bracelets!!! visit the dullDiamond blog for more eye candy and their shop for even more goodies.

Name: dullDiamond / jen murphy & emily saunders
Age: 34 / 32
Hometown: ann arbor, michigan / minneapolis, minnesota

Where are you right now? How’d you get there?
we’re in minneapolis, minnesota, usa! jen moved here with her sister forever ago, left, and came back. emily is a 6th generation minnesotan and very proud of that fact.

Where are you going?
onward and upward. places and spaces unknown and known. we like an adventure and carving out new territory.
What will you be doing when you get there? anything we want. we feel free.

Who/what/where was the inspiration that lead you in this direction?
when we met, it was like the meeting of the minds- kindred visual spirits if you will. and we thought, we’re making things all the time, lets make and sell them together. jen’s man, jay, had the hilarious idea to call it “shop for fashion”. we imagined telling our parents our shop was called “shop for fashion” and witnessing their confusing faces. needless to say, we didn’t go with his advice…

How are you feeling? Are you excited? Nervous? Terrified? Thrilled?
we make things because we want to- it’s a good relationship to have with making. dD is a bit of fun in our lives and we like to keep it that way. so yeah, we’re feeling pretty good about it.

What kind of expectations do you have?
to keep it light and stress free. really, that is it for us. this is a semi-side project with no expectations.

Are you scared of anything?
doing taxes. seriously.
What’s the worst thing that could happen? The best? worst = we get bored. best = ummm, we’re open to anything- you got an idea?

What are you taking with you/leaving behind?
we’re taking the joy that comes out of collaborating with each other and leaving behind all ideas about what you have to do to be successful.

What did your friends & family say when you told them?
Without divulging too many secrets, where do you source your beautiful little beads? the local bead shops have a great selection. and a very special hole in the wall amazing bead shop in central minnesota — we’ll keep that one a secret.

How do you guys manage to have a cooperating schedule of mom time and creative time?
GREAT QUESTION! we compartmentalize our time, or at least attempt to. when we’re moms, we’re very much in it. we’re very adamant about our own time though, for exploration away from our children — whether it be travel or yoga, time with our husbands, out with friends, making ceramics, knitting etc. if we’re true to our needs as makers and as women, then we’re even better mothers. everyone wins.

I’m sure you’re getting prepped for the impending Minnesota winter! What are your most treasured winter tools and winter moments?
mukluk boots (made in ely minnesota!), lots of wool everything, sledding with our littles, cupboards full of tea, and a major amount of plants in every corner on every surface of our homes to keep it fresh and green. and getting away in march is absolutely vital, because thats when things get really ugly here.

born ready.


its been a while
busy beavers!
i love everything about this
the moving image

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