November 24, 2011

well, today is the day. the day we’ve waited for all year….the day that kicks off the holiday season for 2011: BUY NOTHING DAY! that’s right, folks, here at BIG THINGS we don’t celebrate black friday. here’s why:

1) holidays should be about spending time with your family, community, and giving back, not about spending money!
2) do we really need all those electronics that end up in landfills next year when they get replaced with the next “latest” gadget?
3) we are constantly told to shop, charge it, buy buy buy, get a great deal, don’t miss the sale! but there’s more to life than shopping!

this season you can make a few responsible choices that still stimulate the economy
1) support local and small businesses & shop handmade, american made, artist made!
2) pay with cash or start banking with a small local bank or credit union!
3) better yet, make something yourself! everyone loves a gift made from the heart.

the BIG THINGS SHOP is always stocked with handmade and responsibly made objects, created by friends and family. we love giving and receiving gifts, but we don’t believe that all of our holidays and celebrations should be overrun by consumerism.


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holy of holies
blast off!

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