November 2, 2011

today, november 2nd, 2001, occupy oakland has called for a GENERAL STRIKE, asking all workers and students to take to the streets to show solidarity with the occupy movement and to protest police violence, the shuttering of schools and libraries, and “an economic system built on inequality & corporate power that perpetuates racism, sexism & the destruction of the environment.”

i was downtown oakland last week to support occupy oakland when our peaceful protest was attacked by police violence. it was a terrifying experience and the police blatantly lied about what happened. there is absolutely NO reason for such a violent attack on peacefully assembled group of people! the OPD has a long history of violence against oakland citizens which needs to stop.

i’m in chicago this week but am standing in solidarity with oakland by not buying or banking today. if you live in the bay area and want to know more, visit the occupy oakland website.

here’s a list of the schedule for today’s events and ways to participate even if you can’t miss work or school. it will be a BIG, HISTORICAL DAY of festivities in oakland celebrating the power of the people and the diversity of our community. the incredible angela davis will be speaking at 9am and there will be music, teach-ins, other speakers, and big march at 5pm to the port of oakland.

this piece on KQED has a quick history of the last general strikes in the US which were also in the bay area, and here are some photos from the 1946 general strike.

PLEASE read up about what is going on in this country! this isn’t just about oakland, it’s about your community, no matter where you live!


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