BIG screen debut!

December 21, 2011

well, people. it’s official- i’m on film!!! the launch party for victor solomon‘s tell your friends to get with my friends was last thursday at viz cinema in japantown. lots of friends gathered and sipped champagne and snacked on bite-sized goodies from black jet bakery (the blondies were my fave) before we watched the day-in-the-life shorts. not gonna lie, i was pretty nervous when we finally sat down in the theater- seeing your own face on a huge screen is scary! and the VOICE! is that my voice?? thanks to all the friends who came out to see the films- 5 in all- and to victor for not making us look like total dweebs. in fact, he did a pretty incredible job of capturing all of our personalities in just a few minutes! my video is below and you can watch the rest of the videos – janina, gillian, nico, and todd- here. watch out for more in the series coming soon! ps photos are by me and a disposable camera, courtesy of victor.

(metier in the house!!)
(man of the hour!)


berlin bound
road warrior
swarm shop
Ellsworth's Plant Drawings

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2 Responses to BIG screen debut!

  1. Deb on January 7, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    I would have made #6 if I lived there.

    Congrats on your stardom. But I already know how cute you are, from way back when. :o )

    • rrrebecca on January 18, 2012 at 12:04 am

      i am crediting you with “discovering” me, deb :) ill write about it in my autobiography one day hahaha!

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