new year, new you!

December 31, 2011

HOLY SHIT 2011 IS OVER how the hell did that happen? this year was a brilliant one for us here at BIG THINGS and we want to thank you all for being a part of it! i wouldn’t be able run this blog without you reading, sharing your ideas, offering your friendship, and for celebrating with me at all of our events and parties. i can’t wait to start a new year with some fresh ideas and all my new friends!!! :) so here we go, in no particular order, some of the most exciting things to happen to BIG THINGS and my life this year…….

THE PARTIES! the BIG THINGS SHOP popped up at all kinds of places around the bay area and beyond- our bookbinding workshop at people’s gallery, at artpad at the phoenix hotel, the solstice party at swarm gallery in oakland. we even went on the road for our epic lemonade stand in portland and dose market in chicago! not to mention the clothing swaps and the most recent chanukkah party!!! lots of love goes out to all the artists, organizers and friends who worked hard to prep, promote, decorate, clean up and make sure everyone had a good time!

BIG THINGS AHEAD! when i ask people what they like about the blog, the number one response is always the BIG THINGS AHEAD interviews. raise your glasses to all the cool folks who we featured this year- artists, designers, bloggers, and just regular dudes who impress us in one way or another. extra special high five to textile designer, hans krondahl, my swedish penpal and oldest member of the BTA crew!

OCCUPY! the global revolution has begun! 2011 has been a raging year of protest around the world and in my life. i was there for the first GA in oakland and the initial police violence on october 25th. through the strikes, marches, port shutdowns, staying up late watching livestreamed raids, twitter feed addictions, re-occupations, vigils, and most importantly, a steady stream of information and conversation, i have aligned myself and BIG THINGS with the occupy movement. i am tired of social injustice and i know that we can change the future. this is about the FUTURE people- let’s get together and make things right! i can’t wait to see what we can do together in 2012.

THE PRESS! wow!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t contain my excitement! i’m so flattered to have been featured by the press in so many different ways this year. from the glossy pages of glamour magazine, to street style sites, a ton of love from refinery29, and shoutouts to the shop on too many fashion/art/culture blogs to name. i was even immortalized in victor’s short film!!! many many thanks to katie & the lovely ladies at refinery and all the people who made this happen this year. thank you for believing in me!

METIER TURNS 20! this year was huge in the world of work (yes, i have a job other than this!!!). i helped launch the e-commerce site and celebrate the 20th anniversary of metier, the best women’s boutique in san francisco! so happy to be part of this family of talented women. lots of new things coming for us in 2012, watch out! (and shop online while you’re at it :) )

and just for fun, some of my personal favorite posts this year:

ruth orkin’s 1950s photos of a lady traveler abroad in lone traveler

gay marriage is approved in ny! a look at gay rights movement in gay is good!

my visit to the MOCHI FACTORY!!! in mochi man

ian hibell’s long way bike rides around the globe in road warrior

my fave from the series of “dirt chronicles” on artist richard long

getting snowed in in chicago!!!

and love to mom & dad.

thanks for a great year, everyone. see you all in 2012!


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  1. mom on December 31, 2011 at 10:29 am

    ” may your dreams fuel the fire within your soul to have the courage to live them”

    photographer – michael marciano

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