power of the people

December 8, 2011

WAKE UP! that’s the message of the occupy movement, which is rapidly gaining momentum in the us and in cities, towns and villages all around the world! people are angry and want to reclaim their lives, homes, rights, and bodies, from the tight grasp of corporate greed and influence! it is a movement that i am proud to be a part of, a movement celebrating diversity and unity and humanity.

i recently came across these photos that photographer alex fradkin has been taking since the first month of the occupation on wall street. the portraits of the occupiers are so moving- honest faces of people who are dedicating their own time and lives to make a change. we are not the “freaks” and “weirdos” and “hippies” that the media portrays us as- we are the citizens of the world that deserve better and are fighting for our futures! occupy sf was evicted today, so i thought it was a good moment to share these images.

alex and his father, philip fradkin, were on kqed’s forum a few months ago, talking about the release of their latest book, the left coast. it’s a tour of the west coast in photos by alex and text by his father, traveling the same path that they visited on a california trip for philip’s first book when alex was six. while listening to the show, i could only imagine how wonderful it would be to revisit those places, all those years later, with new contexts and ideas and emotions. an entire coast of memories.

so with these photos of the occupy movement, i hope that alex can look back with his kids and say that this was the journey they embarked on together. that these were the memories made and shared with millions of people around the world in an attempt to save ourselves, the earth, and our children. and hopefully things will be better by then :) enjoy! occupy!

images via alex fradkin


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  1. millerlovespapini@mac.com on December 8, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    Such beautiful photos, it’s nice to see the faces of occupy in this light. Thank you for sharing Rebecca!

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