December 13, 2011

ITS TIME TRAVEL TUESDAY!!! Sara from Brown Paper Bag wrote about one of my favorite California painters, Joan Brown! Coincidentally, I almost wrote about her for my TTT piece but decided to go with pochoir, a type of color illustration that had its heydey in 1920s Parisian publications. Check that out over on BPB and read up on Joan Brown here! Thanks Sara!

Joan Brown was a Northern California-based painter and assembler. Educated at the now San Francisco Art Institute, during her lifetime she was considered an important painter in the San Francisco Bay area.

Her figurative but abstracted paintings depict the domestic life – her son, family pets, and other activities. Brown was an avid swimmer (and actually swam across the San Francisco Bay!), and many of her paintings focus on this sport.

Tragically, Brown’s life was cut short at the age of 52. As her work evolved, she furthered its autobiographical nature and spirituality. She was installing a sculpture in India when the floor above her collapsed, crushing her and her assistant.

All images via the SF MOMA, MMoCA, and Magnolia Editions.


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