January 12, 2012

back in october, andrea and a few friends stopped by my booth at the indie mart. they were really excited about the shop and i was flattered to find out that they recognized me from the refinery29 feature! they were my favorite customers of the day by far, definitely the happiest and just out to have fun while cruising the market in the sun. turns out that andrea is half of the team behind got a girl crush, a lady-centric online and print publication that just came out last year as an extension of their popular blog of the same name.

chronicling the creative efforts of our generation of women in print is an absolute necessity. we’re so used to reading about each other online, but in terms of independent printed matter that will still exist when all our computers explode….we’re almost non-existent! although the blog nods in praise to ladies of the past and present, the print magazine offers us a glimpse into the lives of contemporary women. the first issue features interviews and studio visits with fascinating women in the arts, from cult new-york-streets dancer, anne marsen, to the general store‘s serena mitnik-miller, to other artists, musicians, and generally cool chicks.

read the first issue here and watch out later this year for the second issue, with a story on yours truly! and don’t forget to check the GAGC blog for some entertaining links to various digital media, including some choice throwback references to female pop culture icons (remember nickelodeon’s doug’s sister judy?? ya, neither did i!). don’t forget to check out the photo work of both andrea and meg- there’s a lot of talent going on here!!! much thanks to these ladies, who manage to do all this awesome work together (including this interview!) from complete opposite ends of the country. i don’t want to say “girl power”…..but……!!!!

Name: Andrea Cheng & Meg Wachter
Age: 27 & 28
Hometown: Andrea’s from Saratoga, CA and Meg’s from Akron, OH

Where are you right now? How’d you get there?
Andrea: I was born in Northern Virginia, moved to the Bay Area when I was 9, went to college and worked in San Diego, and now I’ve been in the beautiful city of San Francisco for about 2 years. San Francisco is really one of the best places to be as a young person–everyone here is so driven and constantly working on something. Not only that, the Bay Area and Marin County are freakin’ beautiful! There’s amazing places in every direction to remind me of how lucky I am to live here.

Meg: Brooklyn, New York–by way of a brief stint in Austin, Texas after college (my kingdom for a breakfast taco!), by way of Akron, Ohio. I’ve lived in Brooklyn for 6 years now which is the longest place I’ve lived besides growing up in Ohio. I am spoiled by living in New York City–literally anything can be delivered to you at any time of day. You don’t need a car given public transit and abundance of taxis and I am an avid cyclist which I think is personally the best way to experience/explore this crazy place I call home.

Where are you going? We just started working on the second issue of our print magazine for the blog we run together, Got a Girl Crush. We launched our first issue this past summer, which featured interviews and photographs with 10 ladies from all sorts of personal and professional backgrounds. We’re going with the same format for the next issue, but bringing in some more contributors and artwork. Crossing our fingers for a Spring 2012 release!

What will you be doing when you get there? Celebrating, that’s for sure! Neither of us come from a publishing background, so we learned quickly with our first issue just how much work goes into putting together a magazine. There was a lot of emoticon high-fiving and texting respective photos of each of our celebratory classes of wine when we finally got it out there, so hopefully we can celebrate together in person this time.

Who/what/where was the inspiration that lead you in this direction? There’s so many amazing women out there doing cool shit, and we wanted a place for us to show our admiration for them and have an opportunity to pick their brains. But really, it was just an excuse to meet our own personal girl crushes–Hah!

How are you feeling? Are you excited? Nervous? Terrified? Thrilled? Excited. Definitely excited.

What kind of expectations do you have? None, really. As long as it’s fun, we’ll keep doing it!

Are you scared of anything?
Andrea: Cats. There! I said it! It’s really hard to admit this, especially on the feline-crazed Internet…but I’m terrified of cats and find them super creepy. They’re not cute and cuddly at all to me, and their teeth are scary.

Meg: Slightly irrational (but not totally unbased) fear of falling through grates in the sidewalk for the subway, electrical wires, shop basements, et cetera…

What’s the worst thing that could happen? The best?
Andrea: The worst thing that could happen is getting stuck in an elevator while going into labor (clearly, I’m haunted by that one Saved by the Bell episode). As for the best thing…I think I’m trying to figure out what that is and how I can make it happen!

Meg: Worst: see irrational fear.  Best: meeting Björk–oh wait, that already happened. So I guess life is pretty good minus falling into holes!

What are you taking with you/leaving behind? For our next issue, we’re definitely bringing with us all of the things we learned from putting together the first issue. And we’re leaving behind any doubts about whether or not we can do it!

What did your friends & family say when you told them? Our families are 100% supportive of our creative endeavors outside our actual money-making jobs. :)

What kind of criteria do you have when you’re choosing potential ladies to feature in the magazine? To be honest, we kind of feature whoever the heck we want! That’s what makes it so fun for us. We make it a point to go with our gut and feature girls we personally look up to, whether they’re someone who people are already familiar with, or someone who we have a super nerdy crush on and maybe only we know about. But there’s definitely a common thread among the women we feature and that’s passion and sincerity. They’re women who exude confidence but in a really understated way, and thoughtful in how they approach their work. We figure, if we think this person is awesome and fascinating, other people probably will, too.

Tell us about some badass women of the past that you’ve been interested in lately!
Andrea: Do the Downton Abbey ladies count…? I’ve always been fascinated by Amelia Earhart and gobble up any articles I come across about her. There’s a podcast called Stuff You Missed in History Class (which happens to be hosted by a couple of rad girls) and they did great episode about her a few years back that’s one of my favorites. The fact that we’re still trying to figure out what the heck happened on that fateful day in 1937 is so exciting, and I love reading all the wacky theories about her disappearance.

Meg: My Great Aunt Alice is in the Women’s Hall of Fame in upstate New York! She was a scientist in the early 1900s and identified a bacterial infection carried by cows that could cause undulating fevers in humans and helped further perfect the process of pasteurization in milk. She was also one of the first women scientists to hold a permanent position at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Husbandry. She broke countless gender barriers and scientific advancements–even without a college degree! I am sad I never got to meet her because she sounded like a pretty badass lady.

If you guys had to switch towns for a day, what would you do in SF & NY?
Andrea: Get up early, grab a donut from Peter Pan and go shopping around Brooklyn. Pick up a sandwich from Saltie, hop on the train to Central Park, plop myself on a bench and eat my lunch while watching people race their radio-sailboats. For something sweet, I’d go around the corner to Laduree and pick up a box of macarons. Then, pop into the Met and head straight to the Frank Lloyd Wright room. If I didn’t spend too much time dilly dallying at the museum, I’d head down to the Main Branch library and have a quiet moment before getting Totto Ramen for dinner. End the night with drinks in Brooklyn at Nights & Weekends!

Meg: Get breakfast at Dottie’s. Check out the Sutro Bath ruins and the Giant Camera Obscura. Have a picnic at Golden Gate Park and grab some Ghiradelli chocolate for dessert. Hit up the Levis flagship store in Union Square. Stop by GAGC Issue #1 crush, Serena-Mitnik Miller’s shop, General Store. Gorge on bread at Tartine and grab coffee from Four Barrel and then get dinner at that reservation-only ramen place that Andrea took me to last time I was in SF (holy CRAP is was amazing!). End the day with a drink at speakeasy Bourbon & Branch!

ARE YOU READY? Bring. It. On.

images courtsey andrea, meg and got a girl crush.


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