February 20, 2012

saturday’s mini-snow flurries made the perfect day for hanging out at launchpad and learning some skills! here are some shots of the BBC: Brooklyn event we had last weekend w/brooklyn skillshare at launchpad in crown heights. it was such a pleasure working with meg, who is an expert community organizer and helped put together some awesome programming for our art market & series of workshops. i couldn’t have done it without her! special thanks to launchpad for letting us use their wonderful community space; all of our awesome workshop teachers: tessa, elise, and johnny; and lovely vendors: anika from capricious, tuesday & pete, and sharon. and of course all of YOU who came to hang out, learn something & make friends. brooklyn’s got it goin on!!! we are definitely coming back for more… ps check facebook for more photos!

THANKS to everyone who made these first two BBC events possible and for welcoming us so warmly. it’s scary to plan something from so far away, but we totally made it happen! i can’t wait for what’s next. if you’re interested in participating or helping me plan in your city, let me know! our next stops are san francisco, portland, seattle, los angeles, austin….


sarah in tunisia
winter wonderland
lay your weary head to rest
holiday favorites from the BIG...

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