hole in one!

February 23, 2012

MINI GOLF!!!!!! oooh maaaaaan i loved mini golf as a kid!!! some of my fondest memories of growing up involve the elaborate courses at castles n’ coasters in phoenix, birthday parties in chicago, and just hanging around in the summertime hittin’ some balls. circle through the loop-de-loop, past the windmill, around the mermaids, no! not the sand traps!, under the palm trees, barely escape the dinosaur’s toothy mouth….and then YES!!! damn, it feels good to get a hole in one!!!

here are some vintage postcards of mini golf courses from around the world, from early british, french, belgian and german resorts to the kitsch of 50s & 60s americana culture. the first mini golf course was built in scotland in 1867……FOR WOMEN! ladies had become interested in the game but weren’t allowed to move as wildly as men, so a more delicate form of the sport needed to be invented. voilá! mini golf takes the world by storm.

putt plug, besides having a great name, also has some interesting info on the art of mini golf courses in florida. read up on the history of mini golf (nicely tied into art history) and then join me for some holes!

images via miniaturegolfer.com


boa boa boa boa boa

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