Time Travel Tuesday: Kurt Seligmann

February 21, 2012

Welcome back to Time Travel Tuesday w/Sara from Brown Paper Bag! This week Sara is taking us to the wild world of printmaker, Kurt Seligmann, whose surreal prints dig deep into the subconscious mind between-the-wars. Over at BPB I wrote about Ancient Peruvian ceramics and textiles! Enjoy!

This past weekend, I finally made it to the Baltimore Museum of Art to see their show, Print by Print: Series from Dürer to Lichtenstein. Full of a wide range of printmaking, there were several artists that I experienced for the first time and fell in love.

Kurt Seligmann was one of those printmakers. An American Surrealist, he was creating works at a time when the movement was at its peak. The time was interwar, between World War I and World War II-  feelings of disillusionment amongst society had peaked, and surrealism was one way to express this sentiment.

Seligmann’s work, with this in mind, explored the complexities of the human mind and instability of the outside world. Human figures were abstracted and manipulated, with anthropomorphizing also popular.

During the time that Seligmann was creating work, psychoanalysis was becoming very popular, especially among the surrealists. He obviously does not deny its influence, and many of Seligmann’s pieces reflect the unconscious and a dream-like state in their content.

Images via artnet and Zouch Magazine.


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