March 2, 2012

ric leichtung and i went to camp together as kids in frankfurt, michigan. ric was always the entertainer- singing, dancing, cracking jokes, and generally being the goofiest kid of summer, while i was probably off somewhere working on a nerdy art project. since our hazy days of pre-teen summer, ric has continued with his traditions of performance and gone on to conquer the diy music world as an editor for pitchfork’s altered zones; founder of my personal favorite cassette-tape blog, international tapes; and go-to man for the infamous market hotel, a diy music/event space in brooklyn. our paths have crossed on the internet over the past ten years, but i was quite excited to run into him at market hotel a few years ago and see that he was still pursuing all his music-related projects.

the latest one is ad hoc, a self-proclaimed, “100% independent, daily music and visual culture publication” that aims to cultivate the diy music community via an online and print zine. along with former altered zones editor, emilie friedlander, and ten music bloggers, they’ve created a music blog collective to share and support independent music. AWESOME!

ad hoc is being funded on kickstarter right now, with only three days left! if you give a fig at all about music and the future of music journalism, you MUST support ad hoc! seriously, if this doesn’t get funded, i’ll never find new music and will be stuck listening to fleetwood mac on repeat. do it!


walead is the beshty
harness the power
talent show
portland, here we come!

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