Time Travel Tuesday: World Party Day!

March 27, 2012

Well, we figured since we’re gearing up for World Party Day, we might as well do some time traveling while we’re at it! Sara from Brown Paper Bag is back for Time Travel Tuesday and zaps us bag to housewife culture of the past with these bizarro party ads from women’s magazines. Party-planning culture has come so far from green salmon salads! And if you stop over at BPB, I wrote about party-themed art throughout history- from Flemish painting through contemporary conceptual work. We had so much fun with these posts, we hope you guys enjoy it. Party on!

I’m so excited about World Party Day! And, what’s even more exciting is that we have Time Travel Tuesday to uncover some gems that will help you to get your party on!

Normally ads from the early – mid 20th century can make me cringe, but I recently found myself entranced by some of the editorial photos (and a bit of advertising) from this period of time. Magazines such as Better Homes and GardensFamily Circle, and Seventeen gave women of the times ideas for their gatherings – recipes to try, clothing styles to wear. Taken completely out of context, some of these images and ads look incredibly dated and ridiculous, which takes a way a bit of their power and just makes them sort of strange. When looking at them through with the lens of the current day, it seems that these would be best incorporated in an ironic way. I know I couldn’t seriously wear a giant box around my waist, nor cylinder mask.

I am also glad that I don’t have to go to a party where a salmon salad or bundt-cake meatloaf is being served!

So, however you choose to celebrate World Party Day, have fun! Take advantage of all the awesome tutorials that have been featured on Big Things! It’s going to be great.

All images via Sugarpie Honeybunch’s Flickr.


you're gonna need a bigger boa...
fall 2011 nyfw!
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