Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Palm Springs

April 13, 2012

Mid-week vacations are a rare bird. Caitlin drove down from Portland and stopped over for an Oakland hangout when we decided on a whim to rendezvous in LA for some Palm Springs desert action. We called up our old friend Ursula to see if she and beau, Maxwell, could tag along and BLAMMO a few days later we were all POOLSIDE at the almighty Ace Hotel for a MTW mini vacation. I’m not really sure how to describe what exactly went down over our three day/two night extravaganza……….but let’s just go for a stream-of-consciousness recollection. Because nothing else really did happen…or did it? I am just glad to say that I have the most creative, wonderful, articulate, passionate friends with LARGE imaginations and few reservations. Here are the keywords you would use to find this vacation on the internet (to be read in and out of context, as necessary):

hot tub, squirt, passion fruit, reese’s peanut butter cups, rite aid, underwater cameras, karaoke, sun prints, joshua tree, smoke spots, bunnies, rock climbers, pioneer town, tlaquepaque, hat shop, nachos, AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, thrifting, arnold palmers, egg salad sandwich, cake case, old people, licorice, downstairs s’more neighbors, UPGRADES, sunset, cacti, the buzzcocks, manicured lawns, acrobatics, dance moves, jokes jokes jokes jokes jokes, keisha, “the help”, wind turbines, nuts, the swan, diving, photobooth, the truck, big willie style….and more.



big in japan
am cams
you've got a friend
what's your sign?

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