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April 27, 2012

WOW last night’s NightLife Earth Day party at the California Academy of Sciences was such a blast! Thanks to everyone who came out to learn about composting, gardening, edible bugs, bug photography, and to see an ostrich dissected LIVE!

I was excited to see Yasmin and Ami’s mobile bike composting unit- the U.S. Compostal Service- which they biked all the way from Oakland! Yasmin made a yummy kale frittata, which participants ate from an eggshell, then crumbled the eggshell into the worm compost in the wooden bike panniers. That compost was then used to fertilize the garden in the trailer, which was growing kale…for more frittata! A whole cycle of life on a bike!

I shed a few tears while watching The First 70, a beautiful chronicle of how the park closures will effect the people of California. Becky Jaffe gave a great presentation about her experience as a bug photographer (the word for “praying mantis” in swahili is “Bruce Lee”! HA!). SCRAP had a fun craft table with people making jewelry from recycled materials. And the Center for Biological Diversity even gave away condoms to help promote awareness about the human population explosion and its effects on the planet.

Overall it was a great night with friends and animals. HAPPY EARTH DAY, EVERYONE! Thanks to Peter, Meg & Sarah at the Academy for inviting me on to do this. See you all at the next NightLife!


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