World Party Day Button Tutorial!

April 2, 2012

Well everyone, World Party Day is right around the corner! It’s actually starting TONIGHT in Australia and Kit is busy prepping her party in Sydney while we here on the West Coast have one more day of waiting… By now, those of you who requested buttons should have received your package in the mail- woohoo! We ordered magnets (so they have a longer lifespan) but also included pinbacks, just in case you want to wear yours on the big day. The inspiration for these came from these radical buttons I found a thrift store several years ago:

OK HERE WE GO! You’ll need:
- Your World Party Day buttons!
- Hot glue gun (or jewel tack will work too)
- Scissors
- Pinbacks
- All kinds of trim, fringe, sequins, pipe cleaners, feathers, gems, beads, paper, tape- whatever!
- Friends like Aviva and Cleo to get down on some craft time

1) Decide what combination of stuff you like…this is the hard part!
2) Hot glue the hell out of it until it looks good!
3) Don’t forget to glue the pinback on!
4) You’re GOOD TO GO! Easy, right? Now HAVE FUN rocking your button on World Party Day!

PS if you love your buttons and all the WPD action you’ve gotten in the past few weeks, we always appreciate donations to help us keep these kinds of community activities & ideas going strong! Thank you!


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