“Everyone has their own personal Egypt.”

May 14, 2012

I’ve been going to Reno for Passover with my family for the past four years. This year I took the Chinatown gambler’s special bus from Oakland with a bunch of old Chinese dudes through the mountains. My dad and stepmom came out from Chicago; it was the first Seder my dad and his sisters spent together in 40 years! I love the drawings in the old haggadahs, the cardboard-y schmurah matzah, the salt water, the singing, the hunt for the afikoman. I even enjoyed sitting at the kids table.

We drove up to Tahoe and around the lake, my first time there since I was a kid- WOW! It was so powerfully turquoise, that fresh feeling moment between winter and spring. Just enough snow, but probably the end of it.

Passover is all about FREEDOM, it feels good. As my dad cleverly noted, “Everyone has their own personal Egypt.”


knotan do
geez, gijs!
food nation

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