New Old Works by Hans Krondahl

May 24, 2012

Swedish textile designer and BIG THINGS AHEAD interviewee Hans Krondahl has been digitizing his personal archives and recently wrote me with some images he dug up of works from 1985-88 created after a trip to the Pacific. I always love his bright, playful textile designs, but this time these bushy, colorful experiments with fibers and textiles set in the Swedish countryside are quite refreshing and beautiful. They got me quite excited about my own trip to Hawaii next week! Here’s what Hans wrote me about the work, which now only exists in photos due to an unfortunate fate…

“I was studying Tapacloth during travels in the Pacific region – Hawaii, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. I spent a couple of months in the regions, visited museums, markets and craftsmen. In some places also the cemeteries were filled with interesting objects, used for decoration. Very striking, very beautiful. After returning to Sweden I started to work with these materials. I found a source for Tapa in Uganda and here in Sweden some providers of linden bast-fiber. I myself took care of the dying process. Some of the results are shown in my pictures. I also worked with bark pieces from birch-trees. The sad story is, that all and every of the pieces were burnt to ashes many years ago. My basement storage was put on fire by drug-dependent boys. I lost many, many nice things that night.”

See more of Hans’ works here and here.


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