"but paris was a very old city and we were young"

February 24, 2010

trina gave me a moveable feast for my birthday, so i’ve been walking the streets of 1920s paris with ernest and friends for the past few days. the jfk library in boston has the ultimate archive of hemingway manuscripts, photos, and correspondence. don’t you wish you could walk the quais and check out books...
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match made in heaven

February 8, 2010

have been really inspired lately by the partnership between designer paul poiret and artist raoul dufy. dufy’s splashy color and pattern translated so well into textiles for poiret’s sophisticated designs and obsession with orientalism and freedom from the corset. dufy’s work has such personality! time to throw an arabian nights party….
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December 27, 2009

back in november, lisa and i went to see a free library screening of between the folds, a documentary about paper folding that i missed at the sf documentary fest. AMAZING film if you like paper (and folding it!) about contemporary folders pushing the envelope (ha) with tehcnology and seeing how far you can...
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fogel, son

December 5, 2009

aren’t they pretty??? multi-exposure photos and photograms by chicago-baseddoug fogelson
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i told you so

November 18, 2009

a friend of ours, nick demarco, had a piece at the berkeley art museum‘s pop up zine shop this past friday, a collaboration w/oakland’s rock paper scissors collective. oakland north was doing mini-interviews asking everyone what kind of zine they would make and what they’d name in. apparently my citymap zine was too boring...
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walead is the beshty

November 14, 2009

Walead Beshty’s photographs put me in a technicolor trance. Made without a camera (a la Man Ray’s photograms), Beshty folds and exposes the color or black and white photo paper to create prismatic, psychedelic, abstract beauties that are a perfect print (no pun intended) of his process. His glass floor installed at LAXART crackled...
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November 2, 2009

the huichol indians of mexico make these fantastic yarn paintings depicting traditional folk tales in these rainbow explosions of color, pattern, and shape. they make them by pressing the yarn into beeswax on wood. don’t they just make your day??? images via google
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make the maker

October 31, 2009

stumbled upon sophy naess’ work tonight while googling around. aren’t the swedes great? i like her hockney-esque brightness, simplicity, and shapes. makes me want to make things again. her website archive is loaded with depictions of her presumably enviable cool kid life–anonymous interlocking lovers, a peeing pair in the bushes (drawn in microsoft paint),...
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thomas bayrle <3's china

October 1, 2009

wowza! always wanted a chance to post about thomas bayrle, an artist deeply influenced by the multiplicity, patterns and aesthetics of communist china. now with these photos from the ny times’ coverage of china’s 60th communist anniversary, i have the chance! his book, 40 years chinese rock & roll, is an incredible psychedelic trip...
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homage to summer: asheville, north carolina

September 13, 2009

nico and i spent a night on the way to athens with alex, a good friend of dorothy’s who is a potter’s apprentice in the appalachians outside of asheville, north carolina. we saw spiky spiders, shot bbs at tin cans in the woods, wound through the mountains at 2am, and breakfasted on local-egg sandwiches....
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