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walead is the beshty

November 14, 2009

Walead Beshty’s photographs put me in a technicolor trance. Made without a camera (a la Man Ray’s photograms), Beshty folds and exposes the color or black and white photo paper to create prismatic, psychedelic, abstract beauties that are a perfect print (no pun intended) of his process. His glass floor installed at LAXART crackled...
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anni get your loom

November 6, 2009

Sheep May Safely Graze, 1958, Cotton, 38.1 x 60.96 cm (15 x 24 inches) American Craft Museum, New York City just checked a ton of books out of the library on anni albers, wife of bauhaus’ infamous josef albers. she’s an expert weaver, designer, and all around incredible artist. this couple is such a...
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November 2, 2009

the huichol indians of mexico make these fantastic yarn paintings depicting traditional folk tales in these rainbow explosions of color, pattern, and shape. they make them by pressing the yarn into beeswax on wood. don’t they just make your day??? images via google
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make the maker

October 31, 2009

stumbled upon sophy naess’ work tonight while googling around. aren’t the swedes great? i like her hockney-esque brightness, simplicity, and shapes. makes me want to make things again. her website archive is loaded with depictions of her presumably enviable cool kid life–anonymous interlocking lovers, a peeing pair in the bushes (drawn in microsoft paint),...
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thomas bayrle <3's china

October 1, 2009

wowza! always wanted a chance to post about thomas bayrle, an artist deeply influenced by the multiplicity, patterns and aesthetics of communist china. now with these photos from the ny times’ coverage of china’s 60th communist anniversary, i have the chance! his book, 40 years chinese rock & roll, is an incredible psychedelic trip...
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September 26, 2009

my mom and i love the mt. sinai hospital thrift store on halsted & diversey in chicago. we always raid the designer room. while i was there in august we picked up some books and checked out a few old copies of holiday magazine, a fancy travel magazine that (based on google searches) was...
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homage to summer: asheville, north carolina

September 13, 2009

nico and i spent a night on the way to athens with alex, a good friend of dorothy’s who is a potter’s apprentice in the appalachians outside of asheville, north carolina. we saw spiky spiders, shot bbs at tin cans in the woods, wound through the mountains at 2am, and breakfasted on local-egg sandwiches....
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prepare to be hypnotized

August 31, 2009

LAPIS from 1966 this is a great article from the catalog from the james whitney retrospective in toronto in 1984. it gives a good history of his work and how he made everything–mostly by hand (punching holes in paper, painting, etc.) and later with assistance from rudimentary computer systems his brother developed. enjoy these...
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idea theft, yet again

August 29, 2009

back in portland about a year ago, haley, eitan and i were sitting around brainstorming. we started talking about our refrigerators and how we organize them. yes, highly interesting…but actually so! strangely enough, they put the cheese in the compartment in the door that everyone else (or at least i) use for the butter....
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rock of love

August 24, 2009

nico and i did some test shots on the beach in martha’s vineyard for a photo project we’re working on. the results:
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