July 27, 2011

lauren’s blog, color collective, is the easiest and most rewarding internet addiction i’ve had in the past year. how could you not like a daily stream of pretty pictures with the color palette already picked out for you?!?! i reference it all the time when putting together outfits for work, thinking about flyers for events,...
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July 18, 2011

leah is seriously my hero- she’s traveled the world scouring fleamarkets for the ultimate colorful, handmade, and antique treasures and recently opened her new hayes valley boutique, reliquary, stocked with all of her best finds. the result is a lovingly selected and arranged space made up mostly of vintage finds and a few contemporary collections- epice scarves,...
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berlin fashion week

July 14, 2011

WOOD WOOD fashion week just wrapped up in berlin, proving again the pervasiveness of minimalism in german design. there were very few prints, but the fabrics and cuts….yowza. lots of airy silks, stiff cottons, vivid solids, and simple garments for the european lifestyle. MONGRELS IN COMMON MICHAEL SONTAG HIEN LE A.F. VANDERVORST images via les...
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July 13, 2011

BIG THINGS is coming to PORTLAND for a special lemonade stand/garage sale/pop-up shop/open studio! i’m excited to be visiting the city of roses, where i lived many moons ago. please join us for a whole sunday of fun! featuring friends… rectangular objects… boet jewelry… nutfang… the good mod danish, industrial & mid-century modern furniture… AND LEMONADE,...
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archi x me

July 12, 2011

this past weekend a friend asked me to model some clothes for her sister-in-law who was in town shooting her winter lookbook. pretty exciting to find out it was for a popular japanese women’s and kid’s line, archi! we wandered the mission looking for a good place to shoot (haus coffee shop, my favorite...
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bead it

June 30, 2011

although im not really a proponent of the tomb raiding that occurred to procure these specimens, they still make me very happy. ancient egyptian beaded necklaces! via the brooklyn museum website: “Much ancient Egyptian jewelry was essentially decorative, but other items of adornment sometimes acted like amulets to protect the wearer. These necklaces include ancestor...
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blondie on blondie

June 28, 2011

thursday was one of those random nights that, quite unpredictably, turned into a total blast. tatiana and i were hair models for the infamous nick arrojo and his crew, who you may recognize as the hair guru from tlc’s what not to wear (love it!). after a crowd of stylists oohed and ahhed and...
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June 28, 2011

simple, colorful, and happy, i had to have lenneke’s line of bright, tassel jewelry, made by lennebelle, for the BIG THINGS SHOP! lenneke is a sweetheart with an equally lovely sense of style who is always excited and supportive of BIG THINGS. after she saw the images we shot of her jewelry for the BIG...
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today! pop-up shop & clothing swap!

June 25, 2011

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solstice party pics!

June 24, 2011

took me a while to recoup after the big weekend, but here are some shots from the summer solstice party this past saturday at swarm gallery! thanks to everyone who came down to celebrate with us; to social studies, piki and ben for the awesome jams; the knitters for the yarn installation; to alice...
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